refrigerator repair Miami

Summer is here, and like every good summer, my refrigerator just broke down.
It’s always the same problem, all of the sudden, over night, the temperature rise and i have to start searching again for a refrigerator repair Miami to fix my refrigerator.
I have bad experience with the refrigerator repair Miami companies that repaired my refrigerator the lsat couple of years, so it has been even more important to me, to finally find a good company that i will be able to call whenever i need a refrigerator repair, AC repair, or any type of appliance repair.
I had a great experience dealing with Miami Appliance & Air Conditioning Repair.
They are located at 7505 SW 82nd st. #216 Miami, FL 33143 and their toll free number is 888-662-2604.
Wonderful company and people.

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